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Brain 1B

What agendas are best for left-handed writers?

Over the last 20 years I have tried Space 17, Horizon 11 and Space 24 by Exacompta; and Executive and Monthly 4 by Quo Vadis. They all were fine for me but I found it easier to write in desk vs. pocket size.

Before I started using date books with good paper I always had to worry about smearing my fountain pen ink on my page and hand. But now that’s not a problem.

The only type of planners I really don’t like are spiral-bound. They’re just too uncomfortable for me.

What works for you? Any suggestions on how we might improvement our formats for lefties?

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  1. Like you, i dont like the spiral brand Our secretary orders one for me every year and i have to get her to send it back every year I end up ordering the Journal 21 since it lies flat when opened. (I only use the daily pages for handwritten notes, and use electronic calendars for my monthly planning, since my wife and I continually coordinate our work schedules with the kids’ school and sports schedules. )

    Journal 21 takes pretty much any ink I’ve thrown at it, and continues to impress me, and I use fine and medium nibs, steel and gold. I’ll keep going back to the Journal 21 for my annual daily diary!

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