Buying pieces of optimism

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jonathan-carroll.jpgSome friends of ours at Notebookism emailed us recently with a great quote that one of their readers had found… Writing on his blog on September 21, author Jonathan Carroll mused:

“I walked into the paper store for no reason other than to have a look to see if they had anything new. Almost everyone I know who likes to write or read rarely misses a chance to visit paper stores and poke around for nothing in particular. It’s probably something genetic– some sort of paper and ink obsession gene that carries on from generation to generation. I needed nothing but still walked out of the store with a new black Rhodia notebook and a rollerball pen. 5 euros. Still one of the greatest bargains around– a pen and a blank notebook for less than the price of lunch. Buying them is buying pieces of optimism. You don’t know what you’re going to use them for yet but you hope it will be something worthwhile and even if not, you can almost be sure that while using them, you’ll be happy.”

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  1. The daily blog Jonathan Carroll keeps on his website is one of the best on the Internet. Funny, sad, profound, sexy– the blog is just like his novels, only daily. A treasure.

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