Slow Food

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I spend every minute away from the office at my house on the Nork Fork. The North Fork is located on the far east end of Long Island. Beginning in spring through Thanksgiving the North Fork is dotted with farm stands offering local produce. We make a point to buy most of our vegetables, fruit, eggs, seafood and poultry locally. I was able to very proudly tell my son everything on the table last Thanksgiving came from the area. All the herbs we used for cooking were from our garden.

The Slow Food movement is one of the inspirations behind the appreciation and enjoyment of locally grown food. The magazine Edible East End brings it home for us on the North Fork or the Hamptons.

Food does taste better slow. Slow as in grown at its own pace; and eaten slowly, to taste it, savor it, and really appreciate it– and the connection it brings with the land and the people who grew it.

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