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To follow up on Leah’s post of yesterday, a good number of writers use Clairefontaine notebooks. One of them is Christina Baldwin, the author of One to One: Self-Understanding through Journal Writing; Life’s Companion: Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest; The Seven Whispers, Listening to the Voice of the Spirit; and Storycatcher: Making Sense of Our Lives Through the Power and Practice of Story. Christina recommends Clairefontaine to all her students and makes sure “it is stocked on my island when I hold a retreat.”

For 30 years Christina has explored ways writing can organize your life, reveal the deeper meaning in life experiences, and map uncharted territories within you. She co-founded PeerSpirit, Inc. an educational company, with author and naturalist Ann Linnea.

In her book The Seven Whispers she devotes a chapter to each of the “Seven Whispers of spiritual commonsense”:

photochristinabeach.jpg1) Maintain peace of mind (“the cornerstone of spiritual life”)

2) Move at the pace of guidance (“rehumanize our speed of life”)

3) Practice certainty of purpose (“a commitment to figuring out why we are here and what we are going to do about it”)

4) Surrender to surprise (this helps us “practice the resilience we need to respond to whatever life offers”)

5) Ask for what you need and offer what you can (“become spiritual traders of life’s energy, time and abundance”)

6) Love the folks in front of you (“look for the good in people even if we don’t think it’s there”)

7) Return to the world (remove yourself from the simulated world and “return to the world of the body, the sense, the world of Nature”).

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