“Type is speech on paper…”

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…and Typeradio is speech on type.” So goes the slogan of Typeradio.org, an internet radio station.

Leah and I are in the midst of a project to identify the different fonts in each of the Quo Vadis planners and find out why that particular font was chosen for that book. As we get information from the designers we’ll post it on this blog. 28th.jpg

One of the sister companies of Quo Vadis, a German company called Brause, is identified with a very famous calligrapher who invented several well-known typefaces. Karlgeorg Hoefer developed his own font from a piece of writing done with the broad nib Brause 505, his own invention. With this nib he could produce broad, thick strokes as well as extremely thin lines.

According to a web site devoted to him, “The expressive forms of his first type face are reminiscent of brush strokes and they impressed Karl Klingspor, the owner of the Klingspor Type Foundry (Schriftgiesserei Klingspor) in Offenbach. He produced this type face with the name “Salto” in 1952. The type face is recognized today as the embodiment of type face design from the 1950s.

I love the typefaces in mosaic found throughout the New York subway system. They combine beauty and functionality to tell us “where we are going.”

Want to connect with other enthusiasts? The Society of Typographic Aficionados sponsors an annual conference. TypeCon2007: Letter Space will be held in Seattle from August 1-5.

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