Pictures and purses

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I went to a friend’s wedding this past weekend held outdoors on a beautiful lawn overlooking the Westport harbor and instead of lugging around the big purse I usually carry in New York (which invariably has to contain a book for subway reading, a notebook for jotting down random thoughts, wallet, keys, cell phone, etc.), I brought along a little leather Mignon photo envelope that Karen so thoughtfully got me recently. It was simple, stylish, and just big enough to hold all the essentials… a perfect fit!

Mignon leather, incidentally, is handmade by an old Italian tannery and then stitched together and finished in France. It’s got fine, jagged creases throughout just part of the natural tanning process that give it a gently worn suppleness, and it also (at least in my opinion) smells great, smoky and warm and delicious.

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