Getting Organized With Simple Tools

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mlblogbz7.jpgMichael Leddy of Orange Crate Art developed these wise and helpful suggestions on how to get things done without getting frustrated or discouraged. I adopted his ideas and found I could manage and finish multiple marketing projects on time.

“One obvious but very useful suggestion: Don’t use a datebook only to keep track of appointments and meetings and due dates. Use it to list the things you need to do and when you’re going to do them. A running to-do list can make a great difference in keeping up with your responsibilities. (Much better than turning the page and suddenly seeing that there’s a paper due–something you wrote a week ago and forgot about.)

One way to make a genuinely useful to-do list is by breaking down the project into small, do-able parts. Not write research paper but go to library to find sources, organize by call number, read first five and take notes, finish other sources, organize stuff on computer, check bibliography format, and so on. Write research paper really isn’t a do-able task for anyone. But all of the above are very do-able, and they give you the satisfaction of crossing things off and making progress. (This general strategy is a major theme in David Allen’s book; the example is mine.)

One more thing–use your datebookas a backup for phone numbers. (Many datebooks have pages for addresses in the back.) When a cell-phone goes on the blink and you can’t get to your numbers, you’ll be glad to have a paper backup.”

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