Email madness

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There was a funny little piece in the New York Times a couple days ago about how email has come full circle: when the new technology came out, we were surprised and excited by it; we then quickly integrated it into our lives; we began to grow disillusioned by the preponderance of spam and other nuisances; and finally, in desperation, we began to wonder whether or not the telephone might not have been easier after all.

It reminded me of another article I read a couple months ago about email addiction. The constant interruption of checking your email every minute can, of course, impede your productivity, and according to time management experts, very few of us actually need to check email as often as we do. “It’s commonly believed and understood that it takes about 4 minutes to recover from any interruption. If the computer dings at you and you look 30 times, that’s 120 minutes of recovery time,” explains life coach Marsha Egan.

Which is all well and good and logical. But it’s one thing to recognize the facts; quite another to commit to checking your email every hour and a half and emptying your inbox every time…

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