7 Tips to Stay Focused

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ann.jpgAnn Roulac, an author, speaker, executive consultant and personal coach offers her plan for better productivity:

Keep your annual goals visible daily. Review your intentions daily to become more decisive.

– Create monthly and weekly action plans. Identify action steps you will take to accomplish your goals, with a time frame.

– Write out a daily plan and task list. Create a task list the night before so you can begin the first thing and stay on track throughout the day.

– Prevent interruptions. To avoid distractions, set specific times when you don’t want to be disturbed.

– Learn to stay energized. Practice deep, controlled breathing as a natural tranquilizer and rejuvenator to get you back on track.

– Simplify and organize. Get rid of clutter. Eliminate chaos by letting go of activities and relationships that drain your energy and create ones that produce positive benefits.

Roulac is the author of “Power, Passion & Purpose: 7 Steps to Energizing Your Life.” Published by Green Island Publishing, it’s accompanied by a workbook that urges hard-charging workers to pause and reflect to re-energize.

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