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Ever since I read Karen’s post about the Pace of Life Projectwhich shows that people are walking faster and faster in cities all over the world I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how quickly we live life. Evidently, sneaker companies have been thinking about it, too. Reebok’s new Run Easy ad campaign is all over New York City subways, and they’ve also recently run a couple of ads on television. The point of the campaign is to encourage people to slow down and have fun while they jog, rather than taking the amped up, competitive approach of Reebok’s competitor, Nike. (Presumably, they’d also like to sell some sneakers.)

It’s an interesting tactic, and probably better aligned with what most of us can hope to accomplish during our workouts. Nonetheless, I do love watching what the human body is capable of, and for that, Nike’s ads are pretty darn satisfying. (This one, which shows parkour expert Sebastian Foucan outmaneuvering a chicken, is a particular favorite.)

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