Procrastinators and saints

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In the comments to an earlier post, one of our readers told me about a semi-apocryphal saint who is actually quite perfect for this blog: St. Expeditus, patron saint of procrastinators. Legend has it that Expeditus was a Roman commander in Armenia who was beheaded by the Emperor Diocletian because he converted to Christianity, but not much else about him is known, and Church authorities have disputed his existence. The story, according to this website, is that:

A Parisian convent received a package from Rome containing a statue and relics of a saint, but they were unsure to whom the Holy Remains belonged. The package in which it came was marked spedito or special delivery, which in Latin translates to Expeditus. Whether the relics belong to the poor Armenian martyr or the good sisters had just been duped by an ironic play on words will never really be known.

However, St. Expeditus has proven so popular over the years that they’ve been unable to get rid of him. Unsurprisingly, he’s particularly popular in New Orleans, where he is commonly invoked for speedy solutions.

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  1. We need a Saint Expeditus–because if clearly we don’t have one, we invent him. That’s because procrastination is such a common struggle and has been for centuries–it’s not just a modern manifestation of too much to do and being unable to make a choice as to which to do first.

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