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We’ve gotten several emails recently requesting that we add a separate address book insert to our refillable planners so that people don’t have to copy out their contact lists from year to year. The Trinote does indeed offer an address book insert, but as far as I know, it’s the only QV planner that does.*

I’ve never been a huge fan of PDAs or electronic planners, but when it comes to address books, I’m firmly on the side of technology. I keep contact information for clients and friends alike in one big Outlook database, and I’ve gradually gotten rid of all the old paper address books I used to have. The downside to this strategy is that I can’t carry addresses with me when I’m on the road unless I lug my laptop; on the other hand, I work from home and rarely need them anywhere else. If my computer ever died or caught a virus, of course, I’d risk losing everything, but I do try to make regular data backups. Fingers crossed.

Would anyone else like to see more detachable address book inserts? If so, write a comment to this post or send us an email and let us know what you think.

* An earlier version of this post mistakenly claimed that the Trinote’s address book insert had been discontinued… it has not; please accept my apologies!

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