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Shopping list. Errands list. To-Do list. Wish list.

More than 80% of people keep lists, according to a poll by Zogby International. Making a list is a basic of daily planning. Corporate planning and project management are two types of processes in which lists of goals, strategies and actions play an important part.

Like many people, I make a daily list of tasks–who to call and what needs to be done. Work and home are both on the same list, so it will include not only marketing work and reports, but also family errands and personal needs, like calling the doctor to schedule an appointment, and check up on my mother.

My date book is my main reference point for deadlines and what needs to get done that week. I custom make my own to-do lists using long scraps of Pollen paper or index cards held with a binder clip. That way, I can pick the color I feel like using and move them around easily.

List-making is now on the interest. It has expanded way beyond making a written list or post-it with a few reminders. Some web sites offer lists as part a major social networking component and visual memory book There’s,, and to name a few. let’s you combine lists, notes, photos and schedule. concentrates on what you’ve done and where you’ve been. In you can list 43 things you would like to do in your life, and connect with people interested in the same things you are. is a way to intelligently manage all your different lists.

The convergence of paper, technology and the web has the potential to go well beyond making a simple list. But that is the snag, too–that we end up spending more time on this one thing than just taking a piece of paper and a pencil and writing down in a minute what we want to do.

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