It’s the work that matters, not the method

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In an interesting article that I blogged about earlier this week, I learned about a new productivity initiative called the Results Only Work Environment, or ROWE. ROWE encourages employees to focus on accomplishing their work and to spend whatever time remains doing anything they like; the philosophy, as the article explains, is that it’s the work that matters, not the method.

I poked around online this morning in an attempt to find out more. According to a Business Week article, ROWE began a couple of years ago as a covert guerrilla movement among Best Buy employees. Eventually, it reached Chief Executive Brad Anderson, who decided to introduce it as official policy; by the end of 2007, all 4,000 staffers working at corporate will be on ROWE. Anderson and his team have since formed a subsidiary called CultureRx to help other companies go clockless.

As a freelance writer, I work from home and set my own schedule as a matter of course. But I’d be curious to hear what our readers think about ROWE. Is it a brilliant initiative or something that’s poised to destroy the demarcation between work and personal time?

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