Claire Fontaine

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claire2.jpgClairefontaine is the name of a famous French paper company. It is also the name of the paper we use in Quo Vadis agendas.

Many people believe it’s the name of a real person and the company is named after her. Like cooking had “Betty Crocker,” paper has “Claire Fontaine.”

Part of the assumption “Claire Fontaine” may be a real person comes from the name, and also the company logo, which features a woman with a water jar.

The exact inspiration for the origin of the woman at the well or wellspring is unknown, although a member of the founding family belives it has Biblical roots–either Rachel at the well, or the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well. Or, the model may have been an unknown local woman from that region of France, the Vosges.

Actually, the source for the Clairefontaine company name is the site where the paper mill is located–the town of Etival-Clairefontaine.

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