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I use a Space 24 weekly planner. One of the reasons I like it is the ruled, full-page for notes on the right. I fill it up with a weekly “To Do” list. For all my other “To-Dos” I have a homemade notepad clipped to my planner cover.

I am an inveterate list-maker. I have a weekly list; a daily list; and individual project lists. The days I get a lot done I thought out ahead of time where I need to go and what I need to do–no matter how small–an errand or task. I find if I don’t write it down I forget to do it.

The ability to make a doable list is an art in itself–put too much down, and you feel inadequate and unproductive. I have not mastered the doable list yet, I always think I can do more than what I really can.

I make my own notepads. I use strips of different colored Pollen notebook paper, the cuttings left by the machine that prepares the paper for binding. As a change, I will also use multi-colored index cards. Color-coding makes for easy reference. I hold a stack of paper together with a strong binder clip.

Between planner and notepad I’m ready!

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