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Even more important to me, in a lot of ways, than my date book are my many plain old notebooks. I carry one with me at all times to jot down random thoughts and ideas, to take notes when I meet with my clients, to play tic tac toe and hangman when my flight back from Albuquerque is delayed… I’ve never been particularly picky about what kind of notebook I carry, though I do have certain well-defined preferences: I like a relatively sturdy cover so that I don’t have to find a hard surface every time I want to write something down, lines that aren’t too fat (my handwriting is pretty atrocious, and that tends to exacerbate the problem), and a smallish size that doesn’t take up too much room in my bag. Oh, and the cover needs to flip back so that I don’t have to keep on holding it in place as I write.

As it turns out, Quo Vadis’s sister companies, Clairefontaine and Rhodia, offer a wide selection of notebooks, and last week Karen graciously agreed to send me some samples of them. It’s too soon to say, of course, but thus far my favorites are the lined Rhodia flip book padswith a laminated orange cover that flips over the top, reporter-style and a pretty Clairefontaine spiral bound model with a printed plastic cover. The paper in each notebook is thick and smooth and velvety. I also liked the Rhodia graph paper pads, which made me want to start drawing Asymptotic curves (I’m a math geek; what I can I say).

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