My New Mexican agenda

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I’ve currently been thinking about one of the most enjoyable things to plan a vacation! This Saturday, I’ll be going to Santa Fe and Albuquerque with a friend… and I can’t wait.

I’ve never been to the Southwest before (I grew up in the Midwest and have lived here in New York City since college). Does anybody have suggestions about where to go or what to see and do? If so, please post a comment below; I’d be really grateful to hear from you!

On a different note, we’re hoping to put together a “to do” travel list of trips and tips from QV users around the world, so if you’ve got another destination that you’d like to share, please let us know.

One thought on “My New Mexican agenda

  1. It has been years since I went through New Mexico as a tourist. Here are a few things not to miss. The “magic” stairway in Santa Fe, and the governor’s palace. Taos if you like an artsy amusement park atmosphere, it is nothing like the Milagro Beanfield.
    Do not miss the opportunity to take a few days in the villages of the Sange de Christo mountains. Mystery, natural beauty for all.

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