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Several years ago the New York Times featured this wonderful pocket-sized travel guide in its “Currents” page. Compiled and published by Pentagram, the design firm, it is packed with quirky tips. Designers, photographers and others suggest their favorite museums, restaurants and other finds around the world. Pentagram has offices in New York, London, Berlin, Austin and San Francisco.

“Feedback” was first published in 1974. The current edition is edited by Angus G. Hyland, who chose a fine paper used for Bibles and a skinny typeface called Trade Gothic – the better, he said, to “cram in bite-sized bits of information.” Contact info@pentagram.com to purchase.

This great idea from Pentagram gave me the notion of using this blog and/or the Quo Vadis website to ask Quo Vadis and Exacompta customers for their suggestions on favorite places around the world. As we receive feedback we’ll publish it on our web site for others to read, and hopefully spark a few nominations of their own.

What’s your most memorable place?

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