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We receive several emails from customers every month suggesting changes or improvements to the planner format; offering ideas for new versions; or recommendations for holidays to be included in the datebooks we sell in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

In past years we have expanded the number of religious observances we show–adding Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Buddhist and Hindu holidays. We have also added holidays celebrated by Chinese, Latino and African-American residents.

Carla, a long-time Quo Vadis customer from Canada, recently wrote to us suggesting we include special days and observances by the United Nations such as International Women’s Day (March 8). She also told us she would like to see First Nations Day (June 21) included as a Canadian holiday.

Thank you, Carla, and all the other people who take a minute to write to us. Please know your comments are read by the president of Quo Vadis North America, the managing director for Canada, and the marketing and product development staff. Most of the changes we make in our formats come directly from our customers – so please continue to write to us with your ideas and comments. We want to know what you like and value, as well as what you don’t find useful or a waste of space.

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