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Do you know what the planner of choice is for the 30 instructors at Surf Diva surfing school in La Jolla, California? Why, the Trinote, in blue Club covers, of course!

In 1996 twin sisters Izzy Tihanyi and Coco Tihanyi founded Surf Diva Surf School, the original all-girls surf school, where each year they teach thousands of women and girls to surf. Surf Diva has been featured on the Today show and in Time, the New York Times, and InStyle, among other publications. Izzy and Coco live in La Jolla, California.

“Surf Diva has given women a place where they can learn to surf and feel comfortable doing so. When we started, there were no programs that were geared toward helping

Surf Diva Surf School

women learn to surf in a fun and encouraging environment. Learning to surf can be a daunting experience. More often than not, you would find yourself in a group of teenage boys throwing sand and seaweed at each other. Or even worse, many women were taught by less-than-patient husbands or male friends. Many women can be discouraged by trying to learn from friends or relatives. Instruction from a skilled pro will make all the difference. Our instructors are kind, patient, and love what they do.”

In 2005 Inc Magazine named Coco and Izzy Tihanyi to the “26 Most Fascinating Entrepreneurs” for “kicking sand in the face of conventional wisdom.”

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