Our Paper, Our Planet

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Earth Day is April 22, and here in New York, the fifth annual Earth Week festival is already underway in Grand Central Station. Never before has it been clearer that we’ve got to do a better job of protecting our planet’s health.

At Quo Vadis, our respect for natural resources began long before public opinion made it law. Our planners are made exclusively with Clairefontaine paper, manufactured since 1858 in a mill that’s located in the Vosges region of France. The papermaking process requires enormous amounts of both water and energy, and Clairefontaine is always looking for new ways to minimize its environmental impact: Two gas turbines and a waste-heat boiler allow the company to generate fully 80% of its own electricity. Wastewater is sent through a high performance biological treatment station before it is returned to the river. In fact, the water is so clean when it leaves the facility local people can fish, swim and boat downstream within sight of the mill!

Clairefontaine paper itself is fully recyclable, and its fibers have a very high reuse quality.

Click here to read more about our paper and the environment. (The link to the video is currently broken sorry. We’re working on it.)

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