Altered Date Books (II)

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Here’s another take on altered date books: Nicole Caravella, a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology who’s been working part-time at Quo Vadis since October of 2005, has been customizing her own QV planners with Decopatch materials.

We caught up with Nicole recently to ask her a couple of questions.

1. How long have you been doing decoupage?

I started making samples at Exaclair about a year ago with the Decopatch materials. Prior to that, I had not done any decoupaging since elementary school with tissue papers.

2. What attracted you to the art?

As I said, I pretty much only started decoupaging because of work, but now after doing several work related projects I am always thinking of things to spruce up in my house.

3. What are your design inspirations?

It depends on the project. With the planners, I was really just using some scraps we had left over, and that’s why I used several papers on each. But in the end, I think combining papers that have simpler designs gives it a nice touch.

4. What other kinds of things do you decoupage?

The possibilities really are endless, but because of my busy schedule I don’t always have the time to do all that I want. In the past, I’ve decoupaged pencils, journals, planners, folders, shelves and bowls. When I find the time, I’d like to decoupage the trim on my bathroom mirror, my window blinds, and some vases.

5. Do you have any special techniques?

Once again, it depends on the project, but I’d say a good tip is not to be stingy with the glue. You don’t want it dripping, but apply a decent amount on the object, lay the paper down, and then use a lot of glue on your brush to smooth out the paper so that it sticks to the object. While doing this you need to apply pressure but not too much and then use your brush to wipe away excess glue.

6. Do you use a QV planner?

I do! I use a Textagenda with the Wild Stripes cover and elastic closure. I jot down my daily events or things I need to do in the 8AM-7PM schedule section, and then I use the rest of the page to write about what I did that day. I began doing this when I started college, because going to school in NYC I would always see such interesting things and go to fabulous places. I didn’t want to forget what I did, so I turned my Textagenda into a combination planner/diary.

Click here to see closeups of Nicole’s Decopatched date books…






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